Top 5 Most Expensive Gold Pens

Top 5 Most Expensive Gold Pens


We tell about world's most incredible pens made of gold.

In 1888, 130 years ago, George Safford Parker founded the world’s largest pen factory, obtaining his own patent - the fountain pen Parker. A pen was no longer considered a writing instrument ever since. The writer’s tool gained an unprecedented status and leveled up its prestige rank with the help of new discerning owners and collectors: powerful politicians, business figures, show-business celebrities.

Due to the variety of materials and new pattern-making technologies, golden pens were put in the same rank as executive-class cars and Swiss-made watches.

In this article we are going to explore the upper echelon of the top 5 most expensive pens made of gold.

5th place: Montblanc Boheme Papilliion

The debut Boheme Papilliion type of pen by Montblanc stands out for its sophisticated elegance. The pen is made of gold, diamonds and sapphires framed by an internal spring mechanism.

The price of the statement pen won’t fall short of millionaire’s hopes - $198,000 dollars.

4th place: Montblanc Prince Rainier III

Essentially, Montblanc's series edition of Prince Rainier III pens is a royal family heirloom that belongs to the dynasty of the Principality of Monaco. Traditionally, these precious pens are passed down from father to son.

Upon special order by the monarch Rainier III (Prince of Monaco), 18-carat gold pens encrusted with diamonds and 100 rubies were annually produced.

Through monarch's reigning years, since1949 up to 2005 year, a considerable collection made up of 81 golden pens was gathered. Each pen is worth $220,000 dollars.

3rd place: Heaven Gold

Heaven Gold pen is a rose gold creation of Anita Tan, well known for her jewelry and leather good designs. Such pen is one of eight in the world.

Its frame consists of 161 specially-calibrated diamonds and an exotic 43-carat green gemstone.

Such a pen is worth $995,510 dollars.

2nd place: 1010 Diamonds

The price of the runner-up 1010 Diamonds by Caran d’Ache rose to $1 million dollar per pen. Apart form the white gold alloy, pen's barrel is vastly decorated with rubies and sapphires, resembling a wristwatch.

1st place: Aurora Diamante

The golden masterpiece Aurora Diamante is not inferior in price to the mansion in Beverly Hills, which makes this pen an unquestionable leader in the top of the world’s most expensive pens made of gold. The Italian company produces such models in limited quantities: one per year.

The exclusive pen, which is made of solid 18-carat gold, platinum and scattered diamonds on the cap, weights 30 carats. It is valued substantially, costing $1,470,000 dollars.