TOP 5 Options to Invest in Gold in 2017

TOP 5 Options to Invest in Gold in 2017


Investing in today's times of economic instability can be a risky step for many, but a means of financial protection for others. Like for those who invest in gold.

Find in this article the best options to invest in gold according to 2017's top factors of influence.

Why to choose investing in gold nowadays?

Investors would argue that having their portfolios diversified is always an advantage. It is widely known that this precious metal is used as a hedge against economic and political uncertainty. But this year, investing in gold has almost become a financial necessity. Let's see why.

- Because the US economy is supposed to be recovering, but the unemployment and the lack of well-paid jobs reflect quite the opposite.

- Because the U.S. dollar becomes weaker and weaker with every statement pronounced by the USA presidency.

- Because gold prices are, consequently, performing very well, making investors flock to gold again.

- Because 2017 brings what gold protects its owners against precisely: financial turmoil.

Now we know what to surely invest in and why but, how to know that we are actually investing properly? By choosing the best way to invest in gold.

TOP 5 Options to Invest in Gold in 2017

5º – Gold Options and Futures

Suitable for more experienced and sophisticated investors. This option to invest in gold consists in speculating on the future of gold prices. For example, if buying a “call”, you believe that the gold price will rise; if buying a “put”, you believe gold prices will fall.

This option is not designed for beginners, as it requires a good knowledge of the markets. However, if you happen to have experience enough, this option can bring a lot of earnings.

4º – Gold Mutual Funds

Gold Mutual Funds is another option worth considering. This way of investing in gold may sound similar to an ETF, but it is not sold and bought like a stock. They hold a portfolio of well-known gold mining stocks with a profitable track record.

3º – Gold Mining Stocks

Even though you don't actually own gold with a gold mining stock, it offers a great potential. For example, if a company spends $700 to mine an ounce of gold, and one ounce of gold costs $1,000; then, the profit is $300. Actually, the profit will depend on gold's price.

2º – Gold Exchange Traded Funds

Another great way to invest in gold. An ETF is made up of a number of gold stocks; that is why it is considered as the best way to access a wide variety of stocks that you may not otherwise be able to afford as individual stocks.

There is an ETF that tracks each aspect of gold investing: physical gold, mining companies, gold bull, gold bear, etc. This option fits you if you are interested in several investment aspects.

TOP 1 – Physical Gold

The most popular ways to buy physical gold are gold coins and gold bars. However, dealing with gold bars is much easier. You can acquire them in several weights, like 1 ounce, 10 ounce, 500 gram, 1 kilo, 5 kilo, and 400 ounce.

Depending on the experience of the investor, one way to invest in gold may be more suitable than another. Nevertheless, experts have placed physical gold on the first place in the ranking.


When it comes to investing in gold, nothing says ownership like physical gold. Fiat currency will come and go, but gold is eternal, and gold is an excellent defensive asset that holds its value.”

John Whitefoot, editor at Lombardi Financial, specializing in low-priced investment opportunities.

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