[True story] How to get gold bars worth 38,000 EUR?

[True story] How to get gold bars worth 38,000 EUR?


Do you think getting 1 kilo of gold is mission impossible? Absolutely not!

Read the story of the man who got 1 kg of gold and the company which made it possible!

Gold is a global trend

Gold prices face a period of booming growth. Today, one ounce reaches the incredible sum of $1,259! While investors accumulate this asset in their investment portfolios, ordinary people buy gold bars with a view to protect their capital against economic downturns.

When people seek more information about how to get gold and increase their income, they attend events such as the recently held Global Convention & Gold Exhibition in Rome, Italy.

This event gathered people from all over the world and was dedicated to earning opportunities with gold. Besides, the program included a unique display of gold products.

Among the attendees, there were 26 contestants who aimed at getting an incredible prize: 1 kilo of gold, which is worth 38,000 EUR!

But, how to obtain 1 kg of gold?

This event was organized by the Global InterGold company which is dedicated to the purchase and sale of investment gold bars and affords its clients the opportunity to run their own business with the total support of the company.

Apart from the event, the company organized the 1kg Gold Contest to acknowledge the dedication and work of its clients. To get this exceptional prize, the contestants had to efficiently recommend the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop’s product and services.

And Gevork Dzhlavyan, a Global InterGold client from Russia, was deemed the winner! He started to run his business only a few months ago. Nonetheless, during all this time he has shown real commitment to reach success.

The company's management personally awarded him 1 kilogram of gold during the Award Ceremony at the Global Convention 2016.

Do you want to know how to become a client and get valuable prizes too? Read the article and find out!