Turkey embarks on a profitable business career

Turkey embarks on a profitable business career


Turkey is a country of immeasurable cultural wealth which recently met an incredible business opportunity.

The Global InterGold company is glad to inform all residents of Turkey of a business idea which they can easily seize to earn thousands euros a month.

A business model like no other

The company’s clients generate income in 3 steps only:

1) Registering on the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop website;
2) Placing orders for gold bars; and
3) Recommending the company's product and services.

This is how they receive rewards from the company and conduct their own profitable business.

I have just started working in this business and have already earned 3,000 EUR. Thanks to Global InterGold, I can really enjoy life!”

Lee Plowman, Australia​

This business does not require a high investment or rent and maintenance expenses.

Once you make a prepayment, you are in and can start earning!”

Ekaterina Pichurina, Russia

About the company’s product

The product clients purchase and recommend is investment gold of the highest purity (999.9), which is produced by the world's top manufacturers holding LBMA's international license.

Gold bars are a highly demanded product because of their high liquidity and durability.

Situation of the gold business in Turkey

The interest in the gold business is gradually growing in Turkey. Gyorgy Fuzesi, the Director of Development for Global InterGold, speaks in detail about this in the following video:

To help businessmen in Turkey run their gold businesses more conveniently, the Online Gold Shop website has been translated into Turkish.

Would you like to earn with gold too? Register in the Online Gold Shop and start your own profitable business!