Unique gold exhibition and conference about income generation held in Rome

Unique gold exhibition and conference about income generation held in Rome


The Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 took place during October 7th and 8th at the luxurious Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy. A one-of-a-kind event that attracted businessmen from all over the world.

What was it about and why is it important to attend conferences alike?

The Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 was a business conference devoted to current earning opportunities which also included a unique gold exhibition. Undoubtedly, gold and money go hand in hand, and their combination is the perfect cocktail for income generation.

Gold is the real money

The gold business with Global InterGold was the core of the conference. The company provides everyone with the opportunity to create their own business with gold and earn thousands of euros each month.

Several Global InterGold's clients delivered speeches at the conference on the topic and demonstrated the company's potential for income generation.

Apart from receiving income, GIG's customers get valuable awards. For example, one of the company’s clients received one kilogram of gold worth of 38,000 euros as a prize for his determination, dedication, and excellent results.

Incredible gold exhibits

The Global Gold Exhibition displayed different gold exhibits. Among others, 1kg gold bars and 10 gold bars with a weight of 100 grams each presented inside a briefcase. Kilos of gold symbolizing both the company's and the clients' success. These gold exhibits could also be taken in both hands.

Other showcases were windows to Global InterGold-branded gold bars as well as to others from international producers, gold coins, and Leaders Awards. The guests enjoyed taking pictures of every of the pieces!


Reasons why attending these conferences helps for a wealthy life

Firstly, because they are the bridge between dreams and action. These conferences are a huge source of motivation that provide people with opportunities to make their dreams come true.

Secondly, because the attendees of Global InterGold's conferences are the first to take advantage of the latest possibilities of earning that the company presents. The company’s management and eminent clients speak about how to reach success in the gold business and answer the questions of the audience.

And finally, because they allow for expanding the circle of contacts. The Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 gathered hundreds of people from 38 different countries; a very special opportunity to meet different people, establish international contacts for the business, and share the experience.

Gold is an ancient product that covers the financial necessities of the future by increasing its value in the long-term and generating substantial income.

Check out Global InterGold's earning opportunities and how to start your own gold business.