Video: Colombia drives the gold business forward!

Video: Colombia drives the gold business forward!


To bring the company closer to its customers and provide them full support, Global InterGold has launched a global tour in which Colombia was a must-visit!

We have prepared a video that shows how Colombian customers welcomed the company with open arms and full of energy to empower themselves and grow their gold business. Live these unique moments!

In strengthening ties with our multinational customers, the Global Tour 2016 started in Latin America under the slogan “Leadership Development” for Global InterGold customers to develop professionally.

At the event, people from all Latin America and the Global InterGold management came together under one roof to share business ideas and plans. The main idea of this event was for 2016 to become the year of true leaders!

In doing so, the Global InterGold customers from Colombia have taken a significant step forward in accelerating the pace of their gold business to help more and more people achieve their goals and financial stability.

The event was a total success derived from the whole-hearted commitment of the clients and their eagerness to keep developing their gold business!

This video shows the most exciting moments of the Global Tour conference in Colombia! 

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