Weekly analysis of gold prices: Europe pushes the demand

Weekly analysis of gold prices: Europe pushes the demand


This week, a number of facts have caused gold prices to go down. This has stimulated the purchase of gold, specially in some regions. After analyzing this week's events in the Eurozone, experts have come to new conclusions.

What is new this week?

Gold prices supported by demand

With the US dollar so strong, gold prices were expected to be even lower. But instead, gold is holding onto its prices from last week.

Gold sector enjoys the most appropriate environment for its purchase. This fact predicts that in the coming year, gold buying will be equally active.

Italian Referendum and instability in the Eurozone

The results of the constitutional referendum in Italy on December 4th resulted in the Prime Minister announcing his resignation. Investors have seen this fact a signal for political instability in the Eurozone in the coming year.

If added to investors flocking to safe haven investments like gold after Brexit, this instability in the Eurozone could potentially be good for the price of precious metals.

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