What are the main advantages of gold for you?

What are the main advantages of gold for you?


Gold is a valuable asset both in the market and in your pocket. What are the main advantages of gold in the economic field? Why will gold continue being valuable?

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What are the main advantages of gold?

Gold is highly liquid: you can exchange it for cash in any bank of any country of the world.

Gold is conveniently portable: you can carry gold bars of small denominations in your wallet or purse.

Gold has a dense value: who needs a briefcase full of banknotes when you can carry more than a thousand dollars in 1-ounce gold bar?

Gold is long lasting: it is a metal that never rusts and will always be considered money.

Gold has quality assurance: technology catches counterfeits.

Gold is not subject to inflation: it cannot be printed by banks and it is a limited resource.

Gold does not depend on the backing of any government, bank, or brokerage company, unlike paper assets such as bonds, stocks and ETFs: once you buy physical gold, it is yours.

Gold never suffers a default: while the value of paper assets can fall to zero, physical gold maintains its value.

Gold prices grow in the long-term: the high demand of this precious metal ensures a steady rise in world gold prices.

Why will gold continue being valuable?

For the same reason gold has been valuable for the last 5,000 years: because regardless of the political, economical, or social situation in the world, gold will always guarantee financial security and protection.

Where can you buy gold conveniently?

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