What are the most read news about gold this week?

What are the most read news about gold this week?


Gold is the protagonist of three interesting stories this week. Treasures, secrets, and new discoveries; from Russia to Australia and America.

What is going on with gold?

Dispute over the gold from the Black Sea remains unsolved

The archaeological treasures from the Black Sea were loaned to the Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam) in 2014 and they will remain there until the dispute over their ownership is over.

Both Russian and Ukraine defend that that gold belongs to them. For now the gold treasures will remain in Amsterdam until there is a proper solution. However, experts believe that this legal case could last for more than five years.

Gascoyne Resources discovers new gold mines

The large company Gascoyne Resources has found new gold mines in the Murchison region of Western Australia. Big zones of gold mineralisation have been detected in the form of three consecutive holes separated by 50 meters each.

The new gold mines are expected to give 2.3 g/t (grams per tonne) from 16 meters and 1.1 g/t from 8 meters.

Jail until the whereabouts of 3 tons of gold are revealed

Three tons of California gold have gone missing twice in two different centuries. The treasure was located inside the sunken S.S. Central America ship (1857), and was found 130 years later by Tommy G. Thompson.

The underwater robot he build pulled up “rare 19th-century coins, the ship’s bell and gold bars that were 15 times bigger than the largest California gold bar previously known to exist” (The Washington Post). The gold that is left in the ship is worth $400 million alone, but nobody knows what Thompson did with the part of the treasure he found.

Mr. Thompson has been imprisoned for having cheated his investors, selling nearly all the gold, and keeping the profits to himself. They were originally expected to make tens of millions of dollars from the expedition in which they invested. But two years have passed and, despite threats and fines, Thompson has not revealed the whereabouts of the treasure. And he will remain in jail until he does otherwise.

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