What do I live for?

What do I live for?



"What is the meaning of life?" — a question that comes to everyone's mind. Philosophers contemplate the purpose of the individual on this earth and give contradictory answers. A person has to answer the main question of existence himself/herself, and not everyone can do it.

The meaning of a person's life is related to the goals


Why do some people fail to find or understand the meaning of life? In many ways, the search for the meaning of life is related to life goals. It is important for a person, regardless of one’s age, to find a pathway and pursue goals. The absence of goals leads to nowhere. Do you remember the heroine of "Alice in Wonderland" once asked the Cheshire Cat to show her the way: "Which way I ought to go from here?" To which the Cheshire Cat replied: "That depends on where you want to get to!" The place where you get at the end of the road will depend on the objective.

We are deliberately distracted from the main thing


Let’s take a simple example: Alexander owes money to the bank, but the payment is already two months overdue. Alexander’s employer filed for a company bankruptcy and fired the workers six months ago. It’s hard to find a new job, and outraged creditors call daily, demanding a loan repayment. Alexander falls asleep and wakes up with fear of losing the only apartment he got. Fear binds the body and mind, disallowing to correct the situation. Alexander needs help to combat the LFS virus.

It is impossible to solve a difficult mathematical task if you are constantly hampered and distracted. You won’t hit the target if you hit your elbow. How to set a goal in life, if you do not see life itself? That’s why its meaning is not clear enough — there is no time to stop and think. We must solve urgent problems, we become distracted by trifles, and in the meantime, the essence eludes.

What prevents you from choosing a goal


Is it hard for you to choose a goal or set the right mood to accomplish it? It happens, don’t be discouraged. You are not the only one who can’t sleep at night because of this problem.

Similar difficulties are associated with the Lack of Financial Security virus, also known as LFS virus. Do not worry, this is not a biological virus — it's a psychological state when the alarm button is activated in the brain and the person becomes depressed.

This virus infects millions of people, devours cities and even countries. The virus "eats" a person from within. It is necessary to set goals correctly, but when fear and anxiety get into the heart, a person can no longer focus on the task. Global, important tasks become unattainable. The virus gradually kills off plans, the meaning of existence and the life itself.

It is difficult to overcome trouble and find a pathway to success on one’s own. It is difficult to get rid of the oppressive feeling of the Lack of Financial Security and deactivate the alarm button.

To destroy the opponent — study the opponent with us, read the details about the LFS virus and find out how to combat it.