What professionals say about the gold business

What professionals say about the gold business


Whenever an overall breakdown of a monetary or financial system occurs, return to gold always restores order, revives confidence, and brings back prosperity”

Donald Hoppe, American economist and investor

A professional point of view

Mr. Hoppe is just one of the experts that are lately talking about gold as a source of income and, consequently, of financial stability. Some other professionals share this point of view, as evidenced in this article.

Whoever explores this topic further will realize that gold is more than a precious metal. Do you agree, but think you can't afford getting gold? We can prove otherwise.

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop: “We make gold available for just about everyone”

The Online Gold Shop offers gold bars of the highest quality (999.9) for a minimum price (from 46 EUR). You also have the option to start your own gold business.

You may ask, how. The answer is simple: by recommending the company's product to other people.

Clients purchase gold bars for 5 - 15% of its total cost and spread the word about the company. For making successful recommendations, they get rewards.

How many people are there running this business? More than 2 million people worldwide.


Clients' opinions on the business

"For me, it's not just income, it is the opportunity to live the way I want, educate my children, travel the world, and meet people from different countries"

Lyudmila L., client from Belarus


«When a person is doing what he loves, results come quickly. The company has done everything so that we could work and earn“

The winner of gold worth 38,000 EUR as a result of a contest held by the company, client from Russia


Running a profitable business and earning with gold is possible with Global InterGold. And simple too:

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The time has come!