Why is the opening of Global InterGolds new office in Geneva a big hit?

Why is the opening of Global InterGolds new office in Geneva a big hit?


The opening of a representative office in Geneva, Switzerland is a major milestone for both Global InterGold's clients and those interested in running a gold business.

If you were thinking about starting your way to financial freedom, this event is decisive! What great opportunities does the new office open up?

Global InterGold continues to expand rapidly and enhance its cooperation with partners to provide its clients with better services and new opportunities to grow their business.

Opening a representative office in Geneva

will mark a turning point in everybody's professional career!

It is an incredible breakthrough!

Geneva: a global city for a global business

Geneva is one of the most important financial centers in Europe and the world. However, Global InterGold has chosen this location to open a representative office mostly because it is also one of the largest centers of international gold trading.

The World Gold Council, the market development organization for the gold industry, was founded there in 1987. Today, however, their office is located in London, UK, as well as Global InterGold’s administrative office.

Opening its doors at the beginning of May

From 2nd - 5th May, the company will sign agreements with its Swiss partners and open the doors of the representative office. The management will do everything to ensure that the customers can start using the new office as soon as possible.

What are the main benefits for Global InterGold's clients?

Being Geneva opened to the world, the inauguration of this office means new opportunities to speed up the company's advance worldwide.

The company will have new partners to improve the delivery of gold bars and introduce new payment methods. Besides, clients will have a new venue to organize business seminars and meetings.

From now on, a lot of new offices can be opened in different points of the world!

How can you visit this office?

We are looking forward to seeing you there!