Will gold set a new record in Great Britain?

Will gold set a new record in Great Britain?


To date, many Britons feel confused about the result of the elections that took place on June 8th, 2017: they believe that their country is still in the middle of nowhere.

In the course of her campaign, Prime Minister Theresa May promised prosperity to the country, but now experts foresee Brexit negotiations to collapse into stagnation. The only thing that brings a sense of security to the British population is the gold bullion market.

Investors opt for gold

Evidence? Let’s have a look at some facts published in a report by the London-based bullion trading company Sharps Pixley. They report an impressive increase in gold demand that was recorded in May 2017: the demand for gold has grown by 252% in a matter of a year.

This June, the price of one ounce of gold reached its highest level in the past 8 months: £1,031.

Gold prices are currently at £998 per ounce, but analysts at Sharps Pixley predict a further increase in demand for gold and define London as the global capital of precious metal sales.

Given the instability in the Eurozone, the tensions in the Middle East, and the higher inflation among other factors, experts also stated that new gold-sales records will be broken soon.

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