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Wisdom of ages, or why it is important to know philosophy of Aristippus of Cyrene  

Wisdom of ages, or why it is important to know philosophy of Aristippus of Cyrene  


Aristippus is an ancient Greek philosopher from Cyrene (North Africa), the great city of antiquity. He was one of the talented students of Socrates and the founder of the Cyrenaic school. 

Quotes of wisdom belong to Aristippus: 

Children should be taught things which will be useful for them when they grow up.

The man of learning is the only person in the world who is neither a stranger when in a foreign land, nor friendless when he has lost his intimates and relatives; on the contrary, he is a citizen of every country, and can fearlessly look down upon the troublesome accidents of fortune. 

But he who thinks himself entrenched in defences not of learning but of luck, moves in slippery paths, struggling through life unsteadily and insecurely. 

If a man eats much, he doesn’t become healthier than a man, who is satisfied only with necessary things. The same thing is with a scholar. A scholar isn’t a man, who reads much, but a man, who reads with a utility.

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