You can buy it… for 1 million dollars

You can buy it… for 1 million dollars


Switzerland is a country whose residents are proud not only of their economic achievements, but also technological breakthroughs. That is where a mini-computer with a gold case was built. Find more details in our article. 

Talented Swiss programmers are already well-known as the creators of the most powerful and fastest supercomputer. However, they decided to move beyond and came up with a device of pure gold.

Motto: Strength and durability

The Swiss company Prime Computer started its work 4 years ago. Its employees introduce the latest technologies and fill the market with unusual solutions. The concept of the company is to save the consumers from unnecessary waste of energy resources and materials.

Josip Sunic is the founder of the company. As a teenager, he began working with computers and invented a brilliant concept of a compact PC characterized by high strength, durability and environmental friendliness.

Gold case

The novelty of 2017 is gold-encrusted Intel NUC. This is a mini-computer whose value is both in the content and the sophisticated design: the case of the device is made of 18-carat gold.

This is a special offer for customers who can spend a million dollars on a PC. In case the computer get outdated, it will still retain its value due to the material: the precious yellow metal.

Intel NUC features

Weight: 7 kg

Processor: Intel Core i5

RAM: 32 GB

Storage: 5 TB

Peculiarities of Intel NUC

The company's specialists opted for gold, because this precious metal is highly durable and conducts heat well. This property is also used to dissipate heat in this fanless computer.

If the new computer owner seeks extravagance, manufacturers can decorate the power button with a jewel on demand.

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