Zoom in Gold: Precious Cameras

Zoom in Gold: Precious Cameras


Manufacturers of photography equipment seek to satisfy the demands of all categories of consumers and produce cameras of different price ranges. Cameras covered with gold have been made especially for people with an exquisite taste and a thick wallet. These cameras can be distinguished by the limited offering, its original design and high price.

View our selection of unique gold cameras.

Pentax LX Gold

Manufactured in: 1981

The number of copies: 300

Materials used: 18K gold, brown patent leather

Price: at the time of the launch – $3,700, considering inflation, the current price is $9,220

The camera's launch was timed to coincide with the 10-millionth camera release by the Japanese manufacturer Asahi Optical. The capital letters "LX" in the model series indicate the number 60, written in Roman numerals, and symbolize the company’s sixtieth anniversary.

In the photo: Pentax LX Gold is the exclusive camera. Many collectors dream to have one mainly because of its inaccessibility.

Nikon DF Gold

Manufactured in: 2015

The number of copies: 77

Materials used: 24K gold, natural stingray skin

Price: $41,000

The Japanese manufacturer Nikon released a luxurious camera decorated with the precious metal for connoisseurs of gold and austere design fans. This type of model has been manufactured in collaboration with the company "Brikk". The camera’s set comes with a gold lens and a case.

In the photo: Nikon DF Gold is a Nikon DF camera encrusted with gold that has been voted as the best camera in the premium class segment by the Technical Image Press Association.

Linhof Master 45 Gold Edition 100 Jahre 1887-1987

Manufactured in: 1987

The number of copies: 100

Materials used: gold, matte black leather

Price: $120,000

The Bavarian company Linhof Technika released a unique camera decorated with gold and retro-stylized for sophisticated aesthetes in commemoration of its centenary. Two professional gold lenses in elegant mahogany boxes — all of it goes with the exclusive camera package.

In the photo: Linhof Master 45 Gold Edition 100 Jahre 1887-1987 camera by the Munich brand Linhof, a well-respected manufacturer of professional photography equipment.

Leica M3 Gold

Manufactured in: 1956

The number of copies: limited

Materials used: gold, dark brown embossed leather

Price: $488,000

Leica is the world's largest manufacturer of photography equipment for very expensive and limited editions of cameras.

The exterior of the exclusive gold camera model Leica M3 is encrusted with the precious metal, but that’s not all, the lens cap and the light meter are gold-encrusted too.

In the photo: Leica M3 Gold is the camera of the world famous German brand, which is highly regarded among professionals for its technical characteristics and aesthetic design.

Leica Luxus

Manufactured in:1931

The number of copies: limited

Materials used: gold plates, red skin of an exotic lizard

Price: $683,000

Yet another creation of the German brand Leica tops our list of exclusive gold cameras.

Leica Luxus 1931 camera was exhibited at the Viennese auction WestLicht in 2013. In addition to the camera, two gold lenses and a collection of historical images that had been taken with this camera were also attached. The price of the exhibited lot was 3,5 times higher than the initial selling price.

In the photo: Luxus Leica 1931 vintage model is one of the most expensive and rarest cameras in the world.

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