5 steps to financial security

5 steps to financial security


Financial security means confidence in the future.

How to protect yourself and stop being afraid to act? Where to learn how to earn and achieve prosperity? If there is a will, there is a way!

We all strive for a regular source of income, protection of capital, the ability to accumulate money and save it on a rainy day.

How to achieve financial security?

Step 1: Determine your expenses

Do you know what you spend money on and what your monthly expenses are?

People of New York, for example, spend a large part of their salary (41%) on housing. Russians, in turn, put a quarter of their earnings (26.3%) in food, while Europeans utilize almost the same amount (24.4%) for housing and utilities. Interestingly, the number of people dissatisfied with their earnings increases year by year.


Annual expenditures per person:

USA – 27,000 EUR
EU – 15,000 EUR
The Netherlands – 17,000 EUR
India - 500 EUR
Mexico - 5,000 EUR
Russia – 5,000 EUR

Prices are growing steadily but we all are still pursuing financial security to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Step 2: Identify security threats

Financial security is the major provision of a good life. So, what threatens your security?


Possible external factors:

*National economy
*Governmental and international crises
*Tax system
*Natural disasters

Possible personal factors:

*Health problems
*Insufficient knowledge
*Lack of motivation

Step 3: Find a financially safe company

Only a reliable company will ensure your financial security, so look for the one that is time-proven and capable of sustainable development.


The main features of such a company:

*Economic independence
*Transparency and legality
*Advocacy and enforcement of consumer rights
*Provision of information and training

Step 4: Believe in yourself and step into action

The abilities to protect your finances, earn, support yourself and preserve your capital are the skills anyone can acquire.

Growing up, we learn to smile, talk, and walk. Sooner or later, things we failed at start working out well.


Every person can achieve financial security exactly the same way as he or she can learn how to sing, draw or drive a car. This requires only knowledge and technology. The great news is that this knowledge and technology exist!

Step 5: Learn

The Global InterGold company is ready to share it all with you!

Our partners, friends, clients and colleagues will gather in Munich during November 3rd – 4th, 2017 to talk about the basic rules for achieving financial security. At the Global Convention, you will be able to learn how to conduct business effectively by making money with gold.


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Munich is where you will start your path to financial security!

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Financial security for you and your family!