BREAKING NEWS! The Philippines says “YES” to the gold business

BREAKING NEWS! The Philippines says “YES” to the gold business


Global InterGold's business conference held on 11th – 12th February, 2017, has become one of the most noteworthy events on the Philippines' business scene.

Why Filipinos were so excited about this conference?

What was the conference about?

The Global InterGold company specializing in the purchase and sale of investment gold bars, organized this conference to share information on its business opportunity with clients and people seeking to start a business.

Breaking news!

The company's management was happy to announce the new enhanced services for the Philippines, which will facilitate the clients' work.

Global InterGold ventured into this region because of the huge potential of all Filipinos, and now they are all armed with the tools to reach incredible results. Clients' convenience and security are the company's top priorities. More information here.

How did the conference start?

Filipino leaders displayed a warm hospitality to all the attendees, who arrived from different countries of the world such as Spain, France, Ukraine, Malaysia, and Japan.

Before starting the event, they enjoyed lively discussions about the development of the business in their respective countries in a friendly atmosphere.

Expertise & Knowledge

Business leaders with hands-on experience from Europe and Asia shared the stage to give speeches on how to run the gold business efficiently, good leadership, and many other topics.

The audience made sure to write down all the tips to share them later with their team members. Now they are all ready to boost their business growth!

Gold Awards

The traditional Leaders Award Ceremony of the company took place on the first day of the conference. A great number of clients were invited on stage to receive their gold awards from the management and say a few words

The clients are glad to see their efforts rewarded with such incredible items as gold watches or gold bars. The most special award was a golden pendant given to a woman who attained a high level in the business!

VIP Beach Party

Filipinos really know how to throw a party! So, how else to celebrate the good news but with a great party by the beach?

Why are Filipinos so excited now?

Thanks to the new opportunities, the Philippines stands as one of the fastest-growing markets of the Asian landscape!

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