50 shades... of gold

50 shades... of gold


Gold is often referred to as the yellow metal, and in many languages its name expresses directly or indirectly this very color.

But did you know that gold covers a wider color range? Have you ever heard of black gold? Keep on reading and discover the impressive color palette of gold!

What is generally known about gold? That it is a soft, ductile, yellow-colored, and highly valuable metal. But gold experts know that this precious metal does not shine in yellow only!

White gold has been very popular in recent years. White gold is believed to be platinum, but in fact it is not. It is a gold and silver (or sometimes nickel or manganese) alloy which results in a silvery colour. Its high durability makes white gold one of the best choices for jewelry with precious stones. White gold usually has 585 or 750 fineness, containing 585mg or 750 mg, respectively, of pure gold per gram.

Red gold has a peculiar reddish color due to its high content of copper. A copper and zinc alloy that results in special firmness for the creation of sophisticated jewelry. Many jewelers often choose red gold of the most common fineness (585) to make jewels. Even though it was extremely popular back in the day, yellow and white gold have taken the lead nowadays.

Surprisingly enough, gold may have a less predictable color. Such as green. This unusual color is due to a mixture of silver and gold (sometimes also copper and cadmium); an ancient alloy which is mainly used for decorative purposes in jewelry because of its fragility.

But the colors of gold go beyond that. There is also blue and gray gold! Gold is supplemented with steel and silver, an alloy that determines the final color.

And the jewel in our list's crown is black gold, a fairly recent invention. It is created by means of different methods of laser processing and by the oxidation of an alloy comprising gold, cobalt, and chromium. Black gold is gaining more popularity these days and may be preferred over white gold soon!

Yet, investment gold remains the most stable and valuable kind of gold. The purity of physical investment-grade gold bars is the highest possible: 999.9. This means that in 1,000 gold particles, there is just one tiny fraction that is not pure gold. This type of gold is mostly used by banks, large companies, and investors in order to preserve and increase their capital.

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