At the height of fashion: Golden moccasins

At the height of fashion: Golden moccasins



Antonio Vietri, a designer from Northern Italy, has released yet another collection of precious shoes made from genuine suede leather. The upper part of the moccasins is decorated with a 24-carat gold weaving. The decorative insert is handmade from the precious yellow metal. 230 grams of pure gold are needed to make one pair of shoes.

Moccasins of such quality are custom-made. It is necessary to carefully measure the foot of the future owner, then print a copy of it on a 3D printer.

“The main difficulty in creating this collection,” the author says, “is to find the right balance. If the shoe is too light, the gold will bend, and if the shoe is too heavy, it hurts."

Men's moccasins were made in black and blue colors. Shoes are packed in a lacquered box. The pair of shoes cost 25.000 euros.

The luxury collection for women, which was released after the men’s collection, is more diverse. In addition to the precious weaving, the designer used gold plating, pearls and diamonds. Ladies’ shoes by Antonio Vietri cost 30.000 euros.

A special delivery by helicopter is included in the price.

In the photo: Golden slippers are intended for female shoppers from the Persian Gulf.


The designer focuses on the Arab luxury market. He hopes to occupy a narrow niche of ultra-expensive shoes. Dubai was chosen as a launching pad; its citizens appreciate exclusive clothing and accessories. Every year, residents of the Middle East spend more than $7 billion on luxury items. Dubai is the center of trade, accounting for 30% of total purchases.

In the photo: The Italian master demonstrates his own collection to the visitors of the Leatherworld Middle East exhibition in Dubai.


Gold can add more value to any product.