Bank of Chinas Latest Gold Coins: Messages for Prosperity

Bank of Chinas Latest Gold Coins: Messages for Prosperity


The Bank of China is issuing a series of commemorative gold and silver coins that contain very special cultural messages.

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Celebrating the Chinese culture with gold coins

This series of gold and silver coins celebrates four different aspects of the Chinese culture, and they are being progressively released over four months.

Four Chinese messages for prosperity

Every coin depicts a concrete message:

  • Wu fu gong shou”

Translation: “Five blessings contain longevity.”

Message: health, wealth, long life, virtue and a peaceful death are the key to longevity.

Design: (gold) the five blessings are represented by five bats on the coin.

  • Gua die mian mian”

Translation: “Bountiful offspring who flourish like strong plants.”

Message: desire to have a good offspring.

Design: (silver) the reverse depicts two colorful pumpkins attracting a pair of butterflies.

  • Bing di tong xin”

Translation: “Twin lotus flowers on one stalk – a devoted couple with one heart.”

Message: prosperous love relationships.

Design: (gold, heart-shaped) the reverse depicts a pair of Mandarin ducks intertwining their necks.

  • Nian nian you yu”

Translation: “Every year ends with a plentiful surplus.”

Message: all about traditional China, patience.

Design: (silver) it depicts a baby girl who raises a lotus flower. She is accompanied by a carp.

Gold is bringer of prosperity.