Gold tattoos

Gold tattoos



Tattoos made of 24-carat gold named “Precious Skin” were created by the Japanese designer Nobuhiko Akastuka in 2006. In recent years they have been widely acknowledged around the world. Gold tattoos are getting incredibly popular among the wealthy people, emphasizing particular status of their holders.

We tell more details about the most peculiar tattoos.

Precious tattoos in the “city of gold”

Unusual application of the precious metal was introduced in the tattoo parlour opened in Dubai, in the famous five-star hotel Burj Al Arab. Tattoo artists apply tiny gold tattoos on their customers for 55 dollars, and such a tattoo will stick on the skin within the next week and a half. Price of the “precious” tattoo depends on its size and can reach up to 5 thousand dollars.

Tattoos are made of the thinnest 999 gold foil applied immediately on the skin. The process takes 10 minutes.

Arnaud Flambeau, Managing Director of the company Flambeau Luxury Trading has brought gold tattoos to the UAE. He considers them to be a blend of the “jewellery, make-up and accessories.” “Gold tattoos are the precious, elegant pieces of jewellery”, — tells Flambeau,—“Application of such a tattoo does not create discomfort. It is ideally suitable for the weddings, parties and special occasions.”

Arnaud Flambeau is sure that the demand for such tattoos in the UAE will be significant. The love of people to gold is great and invariable. Flambeau is not going to limit his business to the UAE and has an intention of opening a gold tattoo parlour also in the Saudi Arabia.


In the photo: The most valuable options of the gold tattoos are decorated with Swarovski rhinestones.

Exclusive gold tattoos by Dior

Idea of the precious tattoos has been reflected in the products of the fashion house of Dior. It is noteworthy that the name of the famous couturier Christian Dior and founder of the brand is in tune with the word "d’or", which in French stands for "gold."

Dior offers (its customers to purchase transferable tattoos made of the precious fine foil.

Images in the shape of the gold chains and decorations, designed by Camille Miceli, look no worse than the genuine jewellery, if applied on the skin properly.

Grand Bal Golden Tattoos are released in limited edition. Each set includes a few tattoos in the shape of hand bracelets, finger rings and figurines for the application on any part of the body.


In the photo: a unit price of the “gold for skin” set by Dior is 120 dollars.

Fashion experts call gold body art an affordable alternative to the genuine gold jewellery.




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