Christmas & New Year: Time to buy gold!

Christmas & New Year: Time to buy gold!


Merry news, everyone! Experts say the holiday season is the perfect time to buy physical gold, starting from this very moment.

Why? Keep on reading.

The results of the US presidential elections have changed the markets. First off, now more than ever, investors flock to gold to include it in their portfolios.

The number of people who take advantage of the stability of prices has increased.

What is new today?

Since Trump's victory, the dollar strengthened causing gold prices to drop. That means that more people could buy gold.

Today, on November 24th, gold prices have gone below $1,200 for the first time since February: $1,183 per ounce.

Is it now the time to buy gold?

It seems so. Actually, that is what Europe is doing. Thanks to low prices, a lot of people buy physical gold in the face of political risks in the coming months.

However, not only political risks are coming, Christmas holidays also are. What does that mean?

The holiday season supports gold buying

Experts have said that other continents are also willing to take advantage of the low gold prices. Especially, the Asian continent:

"Seasonally, as we move towards Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, that should see some physical support."

Robin Bhar, senior metals analyst at Calyon

Everything points out that the purchase of physical gold will increase during the holiday season.

Where can people from all over the world buy physical gold this Christmas?

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