How to become a Global InterGold Online Gold Shop client and earn with gold?

How to become a Global InterGold Online Gold Shop client and earn with gold?


With Global InterGold you can create your own gold reserves and increase your income with investment-grade gold bars!

Global InterGold is a stable and reliable company which serves over two million customers worldwide and provides them with a high-quality product. How did it all start?

Watch the video to find out:

The company provides opportunities for clients to learn and self-develop in order not only to increase their net worth but also to achieve personal growth. Customers constantly learn, meet new people and travel around the world, as evidenced by the large number of videos in the official Global InterGold's Youtube channel.

How do they do it?

Watch the video and get to know how customers multiply their capital and above all, why do they do it! 


How to get started?

First of all, find a sponsor!

A sponsor is a person that provides you with a Unique Client Identification number (UID) and introduces you both to the Online Gold Shop product and the company’s marketing program. He will help you to successfully start your own business and increase your income. Sponsors are commonly contacted through the clients' Facebook group or through Global InterGold's official Facebook page. Customers often leave their personal details and UID numbers in comments below posts too. Contact sponsors by writing a private message and you will be instantly informed and will receive feedback and advice about the business. It is advisable to find a sponsor from your region to be able to meet him personally.


Decided to earn real money? Do not hesitate and find a sponsor!


Find out why the online shop is called Global InterGold


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