Discovery: Gold nuggets worth millions of dollars

Discovery: Gold nuggets worth millions of dollars



In Western Australia, gold miners managed to find two huge quartz rocks embedded with gold. The discovery was made in a mine near the town of Kalgoorlie, where gold mining activities has been conducted since the late 19th century.

In the photo: the weight of the gold nugget (the larger one) is 95 kilograms, the second one weighs 63 kilograms.


According to RNC Minerals, which mines gold in this region, the large stone contains over 70 kilograms of the yellow metal (nearly 2400 ounces).

According to experts, the estimate price of the nugget (the bigger one) is $3 million, and the smaller one is $1,9 million.

Specialists of RNC Minerals also reported that in one week the miners managed to extract gold amounting to $11 million in the gold deposit near Kalgoorlie.

Sam Spearing, the head of the mining school in the Australian city of Bentley, considers the discovery very valuable:

"People still find gold nuggets in the goldfields, though very seldom lately. Typically, the weight of findings does not exceed a few ounces. Therefore, the recent discovery is indeed a phenomenal luck. " According to the scientist, Australian miners find 2 kilos of gold per ton of rock on average.

In the photo: a goldmine in Kalgoorlie.

History: Kalgoorlie is a small town in Western Australia, founded in 1893 during the peak of the gold rush. It has one of the largest gold deposits in the country. Local residents call this region the "golden mile."


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