Everything you need to know about gold and business in Mexico

Everything you need to know about gold and business in Mexico


Gold supposes one of Mexico's economic and cultural pillars, being traced back to the pre-Columbian era. In the course of years, this precious metal settled down as an integral part of Mexican culture.


Today, gold is very influential in terms of economic evolution and, at the same time, a guarantee of stability and profitability for any business.

How is the business environment for gold in Mexico?

TOP 50 – largest gold holders worldwide

Mexico's gold reserves have reached 121.1 tons this year, positioning the country in the 30th place of the world's TOP-50 largest gold holders ranking. Taking into account that in 2010 the country owned only 7.1 tons of gold, there must have been a reason that obviously propelled the growth of Mexican gold reserves. After a period of active gold selling, Mexico began to acquire and produce gold in order to diversify the country's assets.

TOP 10 – most productive gold mines

The list of the world’s most important gold producing mines was published in June, including Mexico’s largest open pit mine, Peñasquinto, which got the 8th place in this TOP 10 ranking. There, it was also reported that the global gold output climbed up to 3,211 tons in 2015, the highest of all time. 18% of this output is due to Mexico, whose mining has increased by 21 tons since 2014, when the output was 112 tons. Gold production is stimulated by the increment of gold prices, as it becomes more cost-effective and profitable.

As determined by the previous ranking, Mexico has the world's 8th largest gold producing mine, seizing gold as an essential product for exports and for industries such as jewelry, electronics, or medicine.

TOP 1 – Business opportunity with gold in Mexico

The situation of gold in Mexico is favorable to develop a gold business. Global InterGold offers its clients to run a profitable business with this precious metal. 

The company's specialty resides in the sale and purchase of investment gold bars for clients to improve their standard of living by working on their entrepreneurial skills and developing a gold business of their own.

Global InterGold's profitability results from taking care of all its clients, their gold businesses, and its product.


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