Experts affirm now it is the best time to buy gold

Experts affirm now it is the best time to buy gold


Now is the time to purchase gold! Experts predict an increment of gold prices and recommend the purchase of this precious metal to diversify investment portfolios.

Read this article and find out how to take advantage of the current financial picture.

Due to the consolidation of the dollar and the uncertainty concerning the upcoming US Federal Reserve's decision on the interest rates, gold prices were fluctuating from 1,250 to 1,270 dollars per ounce.

The best moment to buy gold

Oswald Grübel, the former head of the Swiss financial services holding company “Credit Suisse”, insists that now is the time to restock gold reserves. According to him, in order to avoid the consequences of a possible financial collapse caused by the policies of central banks, gold has to occupy at least 30% of every investment portfolio.

The expert is very much concerned about the high volatility of the world’s major currencies and considers to opt for this precious metal as the wisest solution. Moreover, its purchase is very profitable now.

Further grounds from Germany

The German experts of the trading company “Münzhandel Lehmann GbR”, specialized in precious metals, report that demand for investment gold bars and coins is incredibly high. Investors are buying gold to diversify their portfolios and protect their capital from any changes in the market. In times of financial instability, gold keeps being a product of financial security.

Buy and earn with gold

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