Financial lifeboat: 6 important reasons to own gold

Financial lifeboat: 6 important reasons to own gold


When we think about acquiring gold, we might have one or two reasons why we believe it is worth buying. But there are sound economic reasons that make it indispensable to guarantee yourself a stable future.

What does having gold actually mean in today's economic landscape?

We have gathered a list of six important reasons to own gold as we deepened in the international economic agenda, where it has become more obvious that there is a pessimistic future ahead. But fortunately, there is still a lifeboat left for all of us: gold.

Why should we trust gold in the face of the economic hardships to come?

1- Because gold has proven to be a safe-haven asset against economic risks

When investors foresee a economic crisis, they often turn to gold; and this is demonstrated by the fact that gold prices typically rise in value when markets are unstable. Further evidence of this is the increasing investment demand for physical gold: investors have reported that they find no better solution to the world's financial issues.

2- Because no significant currency in the world offers any refuge

The financial crisis happens at a global level, and no currency in the world has proven to offer a legitimate haven at this stage.

3- Because there are expectations of gold re-establishing its historic role as money

Experts claim that, due to the inevitability of a collapse in the world's reserve currency, gold's re-emergence as the world's real currency can be easily anticipated.

Gold is money and nothing else”

J.P. Morgan, renowned American financier

4- Because mine supply is expected to decline drastically

Due to the increasing demand of physical gold in the search of financial protection, mine production is coming to a standstill. The possible lack of physical gold in the foreseeable future make gold prices rise and the acquisition of this precious metal an urge.

5- Because gold has endured

Gold holders have enjoyed protection against the destruction of wealth for centuries now.

6- Because it is possible to build a profitable business with gold in present times

Acquiring gold means instant protection against today's economic hardships, but running a business with it implies the possibility of achieving financial independence, not to mention the improvement of the quality of life.

More than 2 million of people have already started a gold business with Global InterGold, which secures them a stable future. The time has come to take advantage of gold.

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