Global InterGold arrives in Malaysia for the first time!

Global InterGold arrives in Malaysia for the first time!


Kuala Lumpur is a colourful mix of peoples, cultures and traditions in which everyone feels welcome. That is why this international city was simply perfect to host the first Global Tour 2016 event in Asia!

What will happen at the event? What are the first news of the event? 

Hundreds of Global InterGold customers from Malaysia, France, the Philippines, Spain, Japan, United Arab Emirates and many other countries are arriving to the hall of Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On their arrival, the atmosphere of this hotel located at the city center is being filled with excitement and high expectations for this event.

This is no surprise since the Global Tour 2016 has already meant a roaring success in Latin America and has just arrived to Asia! Each Global Tour 2016 event is held under the slogan “Leadership Development” and the attendants are willing to improve their leadership skills.

The first guests are greeting each other and waiting in queue for the golden bracelets that will open the doors to the conference hall for them. In the meanwhile, they do not miss the chance to share their words, thoughts and tips with the camera for each Global InterGold customer.

Global InterGold leaders from Europe and from Asia are sharing their business ideas and charging each other with a lot of energy. All this excitement is captured on the official photos!

Everyone is ready to make the most of this Global Tour event in Malaysia! Some of the main Global InterGold international leaders and the Director of Development for Global InterGold will pronounce speeches which are expected to inspire and encourage everyone to move their gold business forward!

The guests did not want to miss the first event in Asia, but everyone has the chance to attend the next ones that will take place soon all over Asia!

Many other surprises await the attendants of the Global Tour 2016 event in Malaysia… keep an eye on further developments!