Gold accessories that captivated fashionistas around the world

Gold accessories that captivated fashionistas around the world



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People always strive for luxury. And the symbol of fabulous wealth has always been gold. Therefore, British designer and jeweler Christopher Michael Shellis didn’t shy away from the opportunity to create unique accessories for women made of the precious metal.

In 2010, at one of the exhibitions in Birmingham, the founder of The House of Borgezie presented to the public unique handmade products that delighted the visitors. 


One of the exhibits of the exhibition was the unique Stiletto shoes made of pure gold, the price of which is more than 187 thousand dollars. And this price is definitely justified! After all, the shoes are not just made of the precious metal, but also complemented with luxurious straps studded with 2,200 diamonds.

It took Christopher about three years to realize his idea, since his main goal was to create not just one of the most expensive, but also the most comfortable shoes in the world.

The designer claims that this is a luxury piece of jewelry that can be worn on the feet. At the moment, there are only 9 owners of such unique shoes in the world, and orders for new gold shoes keep coming in.

In addition to the shoes, Christopher demonstrated another equally exclusive item, namely a gold clutch.

According to Shellis, the creation of the handbag was inspired by the gates of Buckingham Palace, behind which, according to him, lies real luxury and wealth.

Despite its small size (length — about 18 cm or 7 inches and height — 13 cm or 5 inches), the bag weighs just over 500 grams. When creating the clutch, Christopher took into account that a powder compact, wallet and smartphone should easily fit in the bag.

As you might have guessed, the main materials used to create the bag were gold and diamonds. And the highlight of the clutch is the sophisticated lock in the shape of a butterfly, which is also made of the noble metal and inlaid with precious stones.

The price of the accessory is more than 176 thousand dollars.


Designer Christopher Shellis says that these are his most expensive and luxurious products in his career.

It is worth noting that both the clutch and the shoes have a 1000-year guarantee. After all, gold, as you know, is not subject to corrosion. It retains its shine and beauty for many centuries.


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