The most expensive gold chains of rappers

The most expensive gold chains of rappers


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Gold rings, earrings, bracelets – these jewelry are loved by many people. Some value them for their beauty and elegance. Others are attracted by the opportunity to demonstrate their financial well-being to others.

The second category most likely includes rap artists. Representatives of hip-hop culture can often be seen wearing large and extravagant gold chains.

We invite you to take a look at the most expensive and unusual jewelry made of the precious metal, created specifically for rap artists.



Jay-Z is one of the leading figures in the world of hip-hop. Enormous popularity brought the rapper a large fortune. Therefore, it is not surprising that the artist can afford expensive things. Jay-Z has quite a lot of jewelry, but the most famous is a huge Cuban chain made of gold.

In the photo: Jay-Z with a chain made of pure gold weighing about 5 kilograms. This piece of jewelry costs about 200 thousand dollars.


Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd is a representative of the “new school” of rap. Around the artist’s neck is a chain made of pink and white gold, decorated with diamonds weighing more than 90 carats in total. The product stands out for its medallion in the form of a living clock with a bloodied scythe in its hand.

In the photo: Chain and medallion made of 585 gold, covered with diamonds. The cost of the jewelry is 200 thousand dollars.


Kanye West

Fans saw the most unusual gold chain of American rapper Kanye West in the video made for the song Power. At the beginning of the video, the face of the artist is shown, after which the camera moves away and a massive yellow metal chain with a large pendant in the form of the head of the Egyptian god Horus becomes visible. The jewelry was made by Jacob&Co.

In addition to the chain, the set included a yellow metal ring for four fingers in the shape of two pyramids. Although it looks more like knuckles.

In the photo: Kanye West wearing an exclusive 3kg 24k gold chain and ring. The total cost of the jewelry is 300 thousand dollars.


Lil Pump

Successful young rapper Lil Pump also has a huge passion for extravagant accessories. The most impressive of his collection is a chain with a pendant in the shape of his own face. The jewelry is made of yellow, pink and white gold.

In the photo: Lil Pump shows a chain with a pendant in the shape of his own portrait. The cost of the  jewelry is 300 thousand dollars.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is always happy to surprise fans with flashy, memorable jewelry. The most unusual of them is a gold pendant necklace decorated with colored diamonds. It is engraved with the words “The world is yours”.

In the photo: pendant necklace made of gold with the inscription “The world is yours”. The cost of the jewelry is $500,000.



Diddy boasts of having a rich collection of jewelry. Although the rapper should have had one more gem-incrusted gold chain. But during his New York concert in 2016, Diddy threw it into the crowd of fans. Some lucky guy took home a whole fortune that evening.

In the photo: Diddy covered in gold jewelry during a concert. The cost of the chain thrown into the crowd was $500,000.


Rick Ross

Rick Ross outdid all the rappers by paying about one and a half million dollars for a gold chain with a medallion covered with rare yellow and black diamonds! The main feature of the jewelry is a pendant depicting the rapper himself.

In the photo: Rick Ross shows his exclusive jewelry.


As you can see, gold chains and pendants decorated with precious stones are an integral part of rappers’ image. However, it is important to remember that you should care not only about appearance, but also about Financial Security. Industry professionals do not consider jewelry to be the best investment. And they advise you to opt for investment gold.


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