Golden moments of world history: Exquisite VIP tableware

Golden moments of world history: Exquisite VIP tableware


What tableware do presidents and heads of different countries and generations prefer? What precious metals and stones are used most often to create it? Learn from our article! 

At presidential, imperial and royal celebrations, tableware serves as decoration. How dishes are served indicates the power of hosts and their status in the society. The more expensive and sophisticated they are, the more respect is shown to the guests.

British Fabergé

In the XVIII century, Paul De Lameri founded his production in Britain which turned into a world famous De Lamerie brand. Today, this tableware is rightfully considered elite and one of the most expensive in the world. De Lamerie cutlery whose peculiarities are hand drawings with 24-carat gold on porcelain are ordered by the richest people. Each piece is exclusive and one-of-a-kind.

The minimum cost of a dinnerware set for 6 persons is $30,000.

Extravagant Portuguese porcelain

The most expensive dinnerware sets were made in Portugal in the 21st century. These pieces of art were created by Portuguese masters of the Siala company in cooperation with artists of the famous porcelain producer SPAL. In addition, Spanish jewelers of the Ouropa company joined to beautify every set called Stravaganza ("Extravagance") by encrusting it with 121 brilliants.

A total of 10 unique sets of tableware decorated with gold leaf was created, costing 150,000 EUR each.

German quality – Fissler

The German Fissler company is known around the world as a manufacturer of high-quality cutlery for the most demanding customers who invented the most unusual and expensive pot in the world. Its lid and handle are adorned with 18-karat gold and 13 diamonds, and weigh 7,738 kg.

The pot costs $587,500. Producers promise that they will deliver it to the buyer's house by a fabulous Rolls-Royce. But wait for more surprises. Anyone who buys a pot can dine with ten friends at the fashionable Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe.


Collector’s luxury from Holland

The Dutch designer Van Perckens created an incredible masterpiece: a champagne holder made of gold. This gold bucket’s value is comprised not only of the precious metal and diamonds, but also of its ability to cool the drink perfectly. This designer’s product known as Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne is estimated at $724,460. Complementing champagne glasses are made of high-quality crystal and gold.

Six glasses and the gold bucket are set in a designer case made of gold-plated rosewood. Luxurious content looks amazing against the background of black velvet. The kit also includes black gloves.

Elite porcelain from France

Haviland House was founded by the American go-getter David Haviland. The famous Limoges porcelain started being produced at his small factory in 1842. The products of the porcelain factory won international awards as well as the recognition of the world's richest people. Lincoln and Roosevelt were in love with the original decor and laconism of Haviland’s forms. This porcelain was handwritten by the greatest masters: Vasily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, Raoul Dufy.

The cutlery win hearts of the most prestigious families in France. All works are still performed by hand and are decorated with 24-carat gold. At present, luxury products of Haviland House are displayed in well-known museums around the world.

British porcelain Wedgwood

The first Wedgwood porcelain factory was established in 1759 due to efforts of the talented master Josiah Wedgwood. The secret of "eternal" cutlery hides in calcined bone which has been traditionally added to enhance British porcelain.

Wedgwood tableware is a genuine work of art. The creations of English masters were highly appreciated by the Queen of England Charlotte and the Russian Empress Catherine II, and many of them are exhibited in the halls of Peterhof and the Hermitage.

Each item of the collection is polished and painted by high-grade masters manually. Their classic feature is a thin edging made of 24-karat gold.

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