TOP 3 Most Expensive Watches in the World

TOP 3 Most Expensive Watches in the World


Graff Diamonds “Hallucination” watch

Produced by: Graff Diamonds

Country: UK

Date: 2014

Price: $55 million

Charactetistics: incredible color palette, pink dial, diamonds with weight of >110 carats

This watch was not created to merely check the time: they are a real masterpiece that drives luxury lovers crazy.

Lawrence Graff, owner and founder of Graff Diamond, shared diamonds from his personal collection to bring this masterpiece to life. Yellow, pink, blue and brown gems exude spring freshness.

It took 5,000 hours for London designers to manufacture this watch.

Even the owners of the Graff Diamond jewelry house are not sure that someone will by this multi-diamond piece. Nevertheless, it genuinely stuns anyone’s eyes laid on it.

Graff Diamonds “The Fascination” convertible watch

Produced by: Graff Diamonds

Country: UK

Date: 2015

Price: $40 million

Charactetistics: can be transformed into a bracelet and a ring

This watch fascinates and turns heads. The case covered with almost 153 carats of white diamonds is made of platinum and white gold. The immaculate pear-shaped diamond of 38 carats in the very center easily turns and closes the dial, turning the watch into a bracelet. The gem may be removed to complement the watch as a ring.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece.

201 Carat Chopard

Produced by: Chopard

Country: Switzerland

Date: 2000

Price: $25 million

Charactetistics: 874 colored diamonds of >200 carats

This watch is the pride of the Chopard jewelry house which brings a new meaning to luxury.

In the center of the shimmering with white and yellow gold hardware one can see three large diamonds of different shades. To the right of the dial there is a pink heart-shaped diamond of 15 carats, to the left a white one of 11 carats, and a blue of almost 13 carats rests below. Hearts move, revealing a miniature clockwork: three flowers as if open their petals under the sun.


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