How to make money and buy a house in Venezuela for 1 ounce of gold?

How to make money and buy a house in Venezuela for 1 ounce of gold?


Now, more than ever, Latin Americans seek stability and earning possibilities. For that, many bring out the entrepreneur in themselves and look for a business that enables them to generate high and stable income.

The exciting part? They have it closer than they think.

Latin America is home to hard-working people and important entrepreneurs – people who achieve what they set their mind to. This character is reflected in the economic progress observed in the last decades.

The countries of Latin America started a significant economic growth in the second half of the XX century. Since then, they have focused mainly on export activities, different investments and the use of high technology to create new economic and social infrastructures.

Each of them specializes in exporting certain raw materials and products, which powers their respective economy and welfare. These exporting activities are beneficial for the countries in that economic development is enhanced. However, when the demand and prices for certain products in the world market drop, exporting becomes risky.

Figures of the day in Venezuela

In spite of the evident progress of Latin America's economy, some obstacles and difficulties might be found. For example, Venezuela is currently experiencing hyperinflation due to low oil prices, and the International Monetary Fund expects the inflation rate to reach 700% in the country this year. Moreover, the national currency is collapsing, and the use of paper money is decreasing.

Nevertheless, one troy ounce of gold can provide a person with food for one year; and, as housing prices declined (from 25,000 – 35,000 to 200 – 900 USD), purchasing a house in Venezuela is also possible with a couple of gold ounces.

What is an option for Venezuela and Latin America?

Every resident of Venezuela or of any other country in Latin America can escape crisis and build a stable businesses with a luxurious product just by paying a minimal initial amount of money.

This product is gold.

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