Lower gold prices, bigger Christmas shopping. How to seize the moment?

Lower gold prices, bigger Christmas shopping. How to seize the moment?


After hitting a several weeks low, gold prices start gaining ground again. What do the market experts foresee for this coming holiday season?

Check out what happens with gold prices and how is the market reacting!

Gold prices have lowered over the past few weeks. This fact has triggered the purchase of physical gold.

The week starts with an optimistic tone

Gold prices have recovered a bit to $1,194 an ounce on November 28th-29th. It is not a great difference, but the week has started with a weaker dollar. That means gold is in a more positive territory.

Experts insist: softer prices, but a good protection

The market experts are not disappointed by lower gold prices. On the contrary, they recommend to seize the moment and buy physical gold. They maintain the same position when it comes to gold as a safe-haven asset:

We expect gold to provide a good hedge against fallout from political policy changes, as well as from any correction in super-charged markets”

William Adams, analyst at Metal Bulletin

More physical demand in Asia and Europe

The German bank “Commerzbank” noted that Asia and Europe can soon demand more physical gold. In particular during the holiday season. This is supported by the average gold price for December: $1,143.

Thinking about buying gold for Christmas?

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Why to buy gold this Christmas?