Who can resist gold in Christmas with these prices?

Who can resist gold in Christmas with these prices?


This coming Christmas, hardly anyone. People have mixed feelings when it comes to giving gold as a present. They know it is a prestigious gift, perfect for the holiday season, but they think it is expensive.

Not this year and never with Global InterGold. Why? Read on!

Gold prices in Christmas

This year, gold will be available for just about everyone. On November 28th, an ounce of gold is priced at $1,192. The gold prices forecasts for December speak about $1,165 at the beginning of the month. At the end of the month it can reach $1,107.

What else to expect from gold prices during Christmas?

Why giving gold as a gift these holidays?

Gold has been a Christmas present since the origin of the holiday itself. The Wise Men brought gifts of gold to Jesus when he was born. Today gold has a different use. However, experts recommend to buy gold specially at Christmas.

The writer Nacho García Mostazo stated in his book “I have a plan” that if we want to give a valuable gift to our loved ones, there is no better choice than gold. In his book, he also explains why every family should opt for gold.

An ounce of gold or a gold bar, whatever you can afford, but give investment gold as a present”

Nacho García Mostazo

You will be protecting the wealth of a whole family. What other present can beat that? And besides, with these prices, who can resist buying gold these Christmas?

We don't need a Black Friday

The Global InterGold company for the purchase and sale of investment gold bars enables its clients to acquire gold easily and conveniently at any time. Because its goal is precisely to make gold available for just about everyone.

You are our family

Christmas is a very special moment to spend with family. We care about our clients' living standards, just as you care about your family's. Global InterGold offers gold bars of the highest quality to protect what you value the most: your family's well-being.

Your family, our family. Christmas with gold has never meant this much.

Select your favorite gold bars, buy them and request the delivery!

Take note: delivery can take up to 5 working days. However, for Christmas, everyone will request deliveries, so make it in advance!