Mayan Gold: The Decrypted Ancient Manuscript

Mayan Gold: The Decrypted Ancient Manuscript



German scientist Joachim Rittstieg was working on decrypting the ancient handwritten book of the Maya "Dresden Codex" for ten years.

The ancient manuscript is the only Mayan book available for viewing. The Dresden Library acquired the book in 1739 from a private collector. Modern experts don’t doubt its authenticity.

In the photo: the manuscript dates back to 1200–1250 and consists of 39 sheets made of ficus bark.


Mathematician Rittstieg researched the numerical codes that are contained in the book for 40 years and interpreted them as astronomical data. Having decrypted all the symbols of the manuscript, the scientist found out where the "Mayan library of golden wisdom" is located.

Joachim Rittstieg believes that the ancient city of Mayan civilization Aztlan was in the eastern part of Guatemala. The specialist has no doubts that 2156 gold plates with wise inscriptions of the Mayan priests and rulers were kept in Aztlan. They recorded their knowledge on the eternal metal in order to pass it on to future generations.

The German mathematician believes that the ancient city collapsed during a strong earthquake in October 666 BC. Now its the waters of a large lake cover its ruins.

In the photo: the Izabal reservoir located in the mountains has a depth of 18 meters and is the largest in the country.


Scientist Joachim Rittstieg believes that the weight of a golden treasure is eight tons, and its value exceeds 200 million euros.

In the photo: Mr. Rittstieg wants to find the golden treasures hidden at the bottom of a mountain lake. A sponsor is needed to equip a scientific expedition to Guatemala.


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