Opening of the Global InterGold event in Japan!

Opening of the Global InterGold event in Japan!


The Global Tour 2016 has set its course for Tokyo! The doors of Mielparque hotel are already wide open to welcome the guests of the second Gobal Tour 2016 event in Asia.

How are the first seconds of this great event? Don't miss out!

The Global Tour has landed in the capital of Japan, and with it the Global InterGold management, many of the main leaders and hundreds of clients looking forward to living a great experience!

The hall of Mielparque hotel gradually fills up with people from all over the world! Global InterGold customers and leaders are getting together to discuss and sound out new business ideas; greet old friends and meet new ones; share their emotions with the camera...

The attendees are waiting for the conference hall to open, to sit in the first rows and do not miss a word of the speeches! The Director of Development for Global InterGold and many of high level Global InterGold leaders will give speeches at the event.

As a novelty in the Global Tour 2016, the event will take place in two different hotels. Today, 19 March customers gather at 4-star Mielparque hotel, but tomorrow 20 March they will head to 5-star New Otani hotel.

One thing is clear, there is no better place than Tokyo to be this weekend!

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