Successful businessmen celebrated Christmas and New Year in St Petersburg

Successful businessmen celebrated Christmas and New Year in St Petersburg


Business people do not wait for the holidays to come, they make holidays happen. On December 14th, holidays and business came together at the Four Seasons Lion Hotel Palace.

What made people from Russia, Italy, Japan, Mexico and other countries attend this event in St. Petersburg?

Firstly, because it is already a tradition: this city hosts business events in December every year.

And secondly, because it is the opportunity to meet the company's management, who always does its best for the success of every client.

The company we talk about is the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, which specializes in investment gold. With the support of the company, everybody is able to develop their own business by recommending its products and services. This business is conducted by more than two million people!

Russia warmly welcomed every attendee to the Global Christmas Ball & Business Conference 2016. One of them received the title “Client of the Year” and a ticket for a cruise for making the largest number of successful recommendations throughout the year. Besides, gold bars of the highest quality were given to several people in order to award their impressive results.

The company values its customers and wants to award gifts for their success. That is why Awards Ceremonies like this one take place in every event!

The Global Christmas Ball & Business Conference 2016 showed that the gold business is succeeding in Russia, a country where people know the importance of this precious metal.

You can’t help loving gold because it is our future and the future of our children”

Anna Anukhina, client from Russia

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