The "Diwali" coin as a sign of the victory of the forces of good

The "Diwali" coin as a sign of the victory of the forces of good



In 2018, the Australian Mint issued an original gold coin dedicated to the traditional Hindu holiday "Diwali."


Diwali, also called the "Festival of Lights", is the main national holiday of the Hindus that symbolizes the victory of good over evil. In honor of this, people light lanterns and candles everywhere, decorate statues of deities and city streets, organize cheerful festivities and fireworks

Diwali (or Deepavali) is annually celebrated in such Hindu countries as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Fiji and in a number of African states professing Hinduism. This holiday is also gaining popularity among residents of the United States and Britain, where many Hindu migrants live.


The gold coin is sold in a colorful packaging, decorated with popular Indian ornaments. The Australian Mint is certain that "Diwali" will be of interest to those who feel a connection to Hindu traditions and culture, and it will serve as an excellent gift for them.


Precious metals are used in the making of the coin: gold with the fineness of 999. The diameter of "Diwali" — 11,60 millimeters, its weight — 1 gram. It’s denomination: 4 Tuvalu dollars.

The price of the gift coin is $73.


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