The most gold-bearing rivers of the world

The most gold-bearing rivers of the world


We tell about the rivers, where gold can be found.

Alluvial gold deposits refer to layers of sand or gravel, where precious minerals can be found. Water helps to detect the presence of gold in ores. Rivers and creeks wash the sand off, and the stream carries valuable particles on to the surface.

Let's talk about which waterways in the world produce gold the most.

Gold in the rivers of Lapland (Finland)

Lapland is one of the centers of European gold mining activities. The valuable metal can be found in two rivers at once: in Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki. Local authorities even came up with a tourist attraction - the search for golden sand in the village of Tankavaara. The World Championship of Prospectors is held there annually — gold mining competitions.

Gold in the Goulburn river (Australia)

In Australia, gold mining forms the economy of the country. The authorities are so interested in extracting the precious metal that even foreign citizens can obtain permission to dig a gold mine pit. The largest amount of the noble mineral is extracted from mines, yet in the southeastern part of Victoria mine-building is prohibited. In the numerous rivers and creeks of this region, divers with a mask and snorkel search for the gold. Experienced swimmers go under water and with the use of a screwdriver or a knife pull gold nuggets out of the geological formation. Gold is most frequently found in the river Goulburn.

Gold in the Madre de Dios river (Peru)

The residents of Peru call their state pais minero - "prospector-country." The population of the regions, adjacent to the Andes, is engaged in gold mining activities.

In the province of Madre de Dios, locals find from 10 to 15 tons of gold in the river per year. Active searches are also conducted in the tributaries of Inambari and Colorado rivers.

Gold of the American River (USA)

In 1848, a gold rush broke out in California (USA). James W. Marshall accidentally found nuggets in the American River near the sawmill of John Sutter. Over twenty years, thanks to the efforts of prospectors in the mines, gold extracts worth of 50 billion dollars were panned. The largest gold nugget weighed 88,5 kg.

The yellow metal can still be found in the waters of the famous river. Those who wish to make a fortune flock to Jamestown. Sets of tools for gold mining are sold in every store. A service that is popular among those who dream of getting rich – advice from an experienced prospector.