The new "currency" of Fiji

The new "currency" of Fiji



The Australian Mint, located in Perth, has issued a coin in the form of a golden cap originally used for Coca-Cola glass bottles. Once the official license of the manufacturer had been obtained, a limited edition of precious coins was launched.

Given its major impact on the modern pop culture, the soft carbonated drink, invented in 1886, instantly became popular among buyers.

The unusual golden coins of the Australian Mint will be cherished by both numismatists and collectors of original and rare coins. The "precious cap" will appeal to fans of the world-famous brand.

The coin "Coca Cola Cap Gold Proof Coin", made of 24K gold, has a certificate of authenticity and is sold in a gift box with the famous beverage’s logo.

Just like the local currency, the golden coin serves as the legal tender in the Republic of Fiji.

Facts about the coin:

Released in: 2018

Circulation: 250 copies

Diameter: 41 mm

Weight: 1 oz (31,1 g)

Price: $2,52

Denomination: 50 Fijian dollars


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