The precious light Kubya

The precious light Kubya



Price: $165,000.

The number of copies: 9.


The young French brand Rêve de Louis made an exclusive interior design object, the luxurious vertical Kubya lamp. It was released in limited edition, becoming one of the most expensive lamps in the world.

Kubya is made of varnished carbon, which is used in the making of race cars and yachts. The lamp is decorated with 18K gold plates and encrusted with 18 diamonds with a total weight of 1,75 carats. Tiny screws that underpin the design are also made of the precious yellow metal. All Kubya parts are made in France.

The jewelry lamp has been crafted in strict geometric forms. To turn the Kubya lamp on, you need to wave your hand over its base, and the glass ribbon on the lamp will light up.

You can see this precious art object and make a purchase at the Rêve de Louis boutique in Paris.

The price of the Kubya lamp is the highest among such interior objects.

In the photo: Kubya is the most luxurious and expensive lamp in the world by French brand Rêve de Louis.

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