Triumph of Paris in the Global Tour 2016. Chapeau!

Triumph of Paris in the Global Tour 2016. Chapeau!


The City of Love welcomed with open arms the Global Tour 2016 on 14 and 15 May. The attendees could enjoy the addresses of the management and important leaders, a walk in the magical streets of Paris, and many more unique moments during this two-day event.

Which were the highlights of this Global Tour 2016 event?

As a great French author once wrote “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

Having the attendees huge dreams and being Paris one of the world’s premier sites for conducting a business, this event has been key to shaping the future of gold business in France!

On the eve of the event...

many clients gathered in the city center to record interviews, take photos, bolster ties and share business ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

Paris offers a wide variety of attractions that clients could enjoy while recharging their batteries for the event. Not to mention the city is a foodie’s heaven. During their free time, customers relaxed in upscale restaurants and tasted delicious French dishes.

Live broadcast on the 1st Day!

On 14 May attendees arrived full of expectation to the Centre D'Affaire et Entreprises De Paris, with an ideal location at the heart of the city. The attendees came from Congo, Morocco, Senegal, Mexico, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Japan, Tunisia, the Philippines and Italy.

The keynote speech was delivered by George Fuzesi, the Director of Development, who informed about the latest technological advances introduced in the company and dedicated encouraging words to the audience to keep moving forward.

Those who could not manage to attend the event had the unique chance to follow the best moments on the Live Broadcast on the official Global InterGold page on Facebook.

Leaders & Leaders Award Ceremony on the 2nd Day

On 15 May the invited leaders delivered an address on the motto of Leadership Development. Later started the Leaders Award Ceremony were many leaders received their exclusive awards.

Many of the attendees were potential customers who were no doubt awed by the excitement in the event and the possibilities of the company.

Besides, with such a rich event programme, it comes as no surprise that everyone enjoyed and learned a wealth of information to keep climbing up the ladder in their gold careers.

Gold business in France

A growth story is unfolding in France. The country is well on its way of expanding the gold business and raising its visibility. This event has been the best proof that customers in France and French-speaking countries have a potential yet to be unlocked!

The company is very grateful to Antonio Miguel, first client and leader in France who recently granted the honorary title of Grand Leader, for organizing such a high-profile and successful event.

Mr Miguel has become a leading example of high business standards and shows endless energy and motivation to inspire others and to drive the growth of gold business.

Stay au courant! Do not miss the photos and videos of this conference!