What awaits us at the Global Assembly 2016 in Rome?

What awaits us at the Global Assembly 2016 in Rome?


City: the historical capital of the world, Rome. Venue: 5-star hotel with the only 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome. Addresses by the 3 Global Leaders, a special Miss and Mister GIG contest...

What other surprises you can look forward to at the event? How to get a ticket?

Global Assembly 2016: a historic event to be held in Rome, Italy

Why do you need to go to the Global Assembly?

A great ceremony is waiting for you. We will celebrate our common victories and achievements; take unforgettable photos and tell the world about our love for gold and the prosperity of our gold business.

We want to see every client at the Global Assembly! For the first time, 600 people from 5 continents will come together in an official Global InterGold event. The program includes:

  • Speeches by the management

  • Speeches by the 3 Global Leaders

  • Stories of success of 10 Grand Leaders

  • Granting new Leaders Awards

  • Miss and Mister Global InterGold contest

  • Distribution of branded materials to promote the business

  • Rich entertainment program

  • Possibility to record videos and become a star on the official pages of the company

For this very special occasion we have selected the Rome Cavalieri hotel, one of the most prestigious and luxurious in Italy and the only one in Rome having a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars - the most popular restaurant reference guide in Europe.

How to get to the event?

All roads leads to Rome, and nowadays also do most airlines. We have chosen Rome so that any customer could easily get there. Besides, the capital of Italy is one of the cities worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

We want to see you at the Global Assembly 2016 to enjoy beautiful moments together!

To get to the Global Assembly you need to plan your trip in advance. Consider flight tickets, accomodation in Rome and buy your ticket.

Hurry up! It has been one month since the registration begun, and we have already sold more than 30% of the tickets!


Buy your ticket


Charge yourself with energy and motivation,

Get your well-deserved branded materials to promote the business

Know official and reliable information from the management.

See you in Rome!



Rome Cavalieri - the golden standard of luxury

Global InterGold customers deserve the best. The historic Global Assembly event will be held in Rome at the Rome Cavalieri hotel. Fantastic place, fantastic people. That's what will make this event so outstanding! Watch the video and find out what awaits you!http://www.globalintergold.info/en/global-assembly-2016-global-intergold-historic-event-in-rome-cpn20/Video source: www.romecavalieri.com#GIG #GlobalInterGold #gold4business #GlobalAssembly

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