Why Californians choose gold over the lottery?

Why Californians choose gold over the lottery?


Californians have never been so glad to being hit by floods! The recent ones have made gold appear all over the place and people are taking the streets to get ready.

Why is there so much excitement about gold this year?

Floods awake people's interest in gold

While floods are usually bad news, in Oroville, California, people are thrilled. Floods gave rise to mass movements of earth, which bring gold to the surface as well as to mass movements of people running to the stores.

Gold pans and detectors sold like hot cakes

The owner of the gold-mining shop Adventures in Prospecting said that there has been a lot of excitement among his customers. “There has always been gold in the Feather River,” he said, “Although this summer, it will be easier to get.

The fact is that for some people gold mining is a hobby – although quite more rewarding than others - that helps them charge their batteries after job. There are even associations, such as Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association founded in 1959, that teach people how to mine.

A safe bet

Everybody in California remembers the gold fever of the 19th Century, so they are fully aware of the economic potential of this precious metal.

Certainly, thanks to the floods, this summer it will be more likely to find gold nuggets or leaves for those who hit the road and head for the rivers. As a member of the Shasta Miners and Prospectors Association said: “The odds are greater than winning the lottery.”

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