10 Behaviors to Build Trust In Relationships

10 Behaviors to Build Trust In Relationships


Trust is the basis for a successful relationship building. How to make people trust in you and win their hearts? We reveal the secrets of establishing sincere relations.


“Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.” 

Mona Sutphen

Try to describe what you feel when you trust a person. Most likely, this is a feeling of peace with no complaints or objections, a state with no room for doubt. You feel easy and comfortable with a person you trust, because he or she behaves frankly and sincerely. Reliability of the person becomes an important factor for building trust in relationships.

Psychologists have noticed that under one circumstances it's easier for us to trust someone than under other ones. What's the matter? What affects the degree of our trust?

Let's have a look at 10 reasons why people quickly enter into a relationship based on trust.

Reason 1: You can admit your mistakes

Obviously, not everyone likes it because it causes discomfort. Not everyone can say out loud that they were wrong. However, if your goal is a trusting relationship, you need to learn how to do it. Otherwise, relations with others may be spoiled and conclusions not made. So, be aware and own up to them.

Reason 2: You do what you say

Any of your achievements is a combination of certain actions. But first things first: if you made a promise, do your best to keep your word. Your motivation and reputation depend on consistency. If you want to look like a reliable person in the eyes of others, be ready to take responsibility for your actions. If you take a commitment, fulfill it.

Reason 3: You are not afraid to trust others

It is easy to trust others when you never had a reason to doubt their pure intentions. But if you experienced fraud and betrayal, it's much harder to open up. What you can do is to adopt the ideas of Ernest Hemingway:

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”.

Trusting is brave, no matter what.

Reason 4: You know how to listen

This is a rather rare quality nowadays. You can not only ask questions and nod, but can also hold a dialogue, show sense of humor or offer help. Attention is your forte. Express empathy and understanding to increase the level of confidence of a person towards you. Ask proper questions, communicate productively and let this communication enrich both sides.

Reason 5: You show interest

Your interest shows how much you are into the topic of a conversation and your interlocutor. If you are interested in continuing communication and establishing trust, you will try to highlight the importance of the person and the usefulness of his actions. If you behave sincerely, the level of trust to each other will rise.

Reason 6: You are self-aware

Self-awareness allows you to better control your feelings and emotions. The ability of a person to direct consciousness to himself speaks about how well he can interact with others.

"Most people do not understand that their actions signal and transmit information about them to others. One cannot do things consciously by ignoring self-awareness."

Psychologist N.S. Russell speaks of self-awareness

Keen an eye on how you behave and react to certain situations.

Reason 7: You are prompt

Adherence to the rules, focus, and ability to manage your time speak for your respectful attitude to others. It is clear that a person who comes to meetings on time or copes with tasks at the appointed time causes more confidence than the one who makes you wait. Your accuracy is an indicator of respect.

Reason 8: You communicate openly

The lees tensed you feel, the more comfortable it is for others to communicate with you. Smooth out all sharp angles and avoid conflicts. If you openly talk about your goals and desires, people will understand you faster, which will also reduce discomfort.

Reason 9: You are polite

Even if you happen to get in a conflict situation, try to take a peaceful position. Later, when the tensions fade away, you will notice that this strategy was winning. Try to avoid conflicts and not to react to provocations. Your ability to bypass all the pitfalls will only enhance the building of trusting relationship.

Reason 10: You make a good example


Remember that people are watching you. They want to be sure that you can be trusted. The way you behave affects their attitude significantly. The more open, sincere and benevolent you are, the more likely they will treat you well in return. This is the concept of "Circle of Trust" which is so vital for qualitative communication.

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