Gold Bearbrick: a “discovery” of the 21st century collectors

Gold Bearbrick: a “discovery” of the 21st century collectors



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Contemporary art evokes different emotions in each of us. From rejection and disgust to love and admiration. But we can say with confidence: art objects are definitely not boring or dull.

Today, Bearbrick vinyl toys have become extremely popular among collectors. One of the features of the figurines is that they can be easily disassembled into individual parts. And each of them can be replaced with a segment with a different design or material.

The first Bearbrick was released in 2001. Its height was 70 millimeters. But over more than 20 years, several more formats have appeared in the Medicom Toy company’s assortment: 280 and 700 millimeters.


While regular toy figurines are aimed at children, Bearbrick appeals to a more sophisticated audience. In different collections you can find toys that embody aspects of modern pop culture and art. However, one version stands out especially strongly. This is the so-called gold Bearbrick.


According to connoisseurs, the toy instantly attracts attention with its elegance, giving a sense of sophistication and also perfectly complementing a modern interior or art collection. However, despite the charm of the “official” collectible teddy bear, it does not contain a single gram of gold. Such a figurine is made from vinyl or other plastic materials coated with a metallized layer that imitates gold.

Nevertheless, the lack of real gold does not diminish the demand for the toy. Moreover, the price of the “precious” Bearbrick exceeds $4,000.


However, if you still need a teddy bear made of real gold, jewelry companies come to the rescue. For example, the KJO Jewel brand created a unique charm for bracelets in the form of Bearbrick, made of 24K gold (999 purity). You can purchase a product weighing 1.49 grams for $238.


Pendants in the shape of Bearbrick made of gold for those who love necklaces are crafted by the specialists of the Pure Gold SG brand. Such an item is made using the bulino engraving technique, which was traditionally used to give the precious metal a matte texture. The price of the pendant weighing 1.94 grams is $308. Similar accessories are produced in limited quantities, which further fuels interest among buyers.


Thus, gold made the Bearbrick teddy bear even more attractive to the connoisseurs. And this is not surprising, because the precious metal has always been considered an indicator of status and wealth. It can bring a fresh perspective to any piece of artwork.


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