4 Global InterGold’s values in the limelight!

4 Global InterGold’s values in the limelight!


In one article, the four company’s values have been collected to lead you to success. Here you are a guide to action from Global InterGold so that you never stand still!

“The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions.”

Albert Eistein


We all determine what is important for us on our own: by relying on personal values and principles, we build up our life and set priorities. Individual concepts of dignity, responsibility and devotion affect our choice, and our satisfaction with life depends on the direction we move to. Moral values can be compared with the compass we follow.

4 main values:

  • freedom
  • independence
  • knowledge
  • happiness

Freedom means one’s ability to dispose time and forces at your own discretion. Independence is the ability to form your life without the influence of other people. Knowledge allows you to turn to experience and wisdom to know the truth. Happiness gives us the opportunity to enjoy life to the full.


Evolution of potential

Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.” 

Thomas Carlyle

Our utmost value is knowledge. If a person seeks to self-develop and learn new things, then the advancement is guaranteed. Everyone has a choice. You decide what your starting point will be. Relevant data and up-to-date information makes a person discover the new and experience vital changes. Sometimes, it is enough to go through certain experience or meet the right person on the path, so that unexpected but rewarding perspectives open up. We suggest you exploring new horizons together with us and the leaders of our company.


The basis of our company – company values

“The one who has improved himself cannot believe that the improvement is over”

Leo Tolstoy


We are all very different. But among thousands of differences we find common in each other, which brings us together, pleases, and strike a chord in our hearts.

Common values exist in every country and society, and our company is not an exception. It is built on the values that lead it to success. At the Global Convention 2017, you will learn what has become the foundation of the company and its priorities system. The event in Munich will be the impetus for revealing your potential and the answer to all your questions.

Pursue success together with us!

See you at the conference!