50th Anniversary: The Worlds First ATM Turns Gold!

50th Anniversary: The Worlds First ATM Turns Gold!


The Barclays bank has surprised everyone in Enfield, London: everyone who visits the city will find an eye-catching cash machine that has turned gold.

What is happening in the streets of London? Find out!

England is celebrating today

Fifty years have passed since the world's first cash machine was set in Enfield, London, by the Barclays bank. This ATM was opened on 27th June 1967 and now it has turned gold to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Barclays has also added a commemorative plaque and placed a red carpet in front for its users to have a slightly different experience when withdrawing cash.

Did you know that...?

  • Reg Varney, from the British TV comedy series “On the Buses”, was the first person to withdraw cash from that machine.

  • Currently, there are an estimated 3 million cash machines across the globe, about 70,000 in the UK alone.

  • The world’s most northerly machine is at Longyearbyen (Norway), and the most southerly one is at the McMurdo station at the south pole.


The world modernizes, but gold is still there for us.